Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world. It is not preparation for life, but life itself.

Greetings to the visitors of web@st.Anne’s Public School, Koovappady.

Education at 21st Century is bit challenging and the parents are really wonderstruck, where to turn. Because quality education with affordable fees is what parents expect, especially during sink and die situations like famine, Economic fall, drought and Epidemic Virus attacks. A trust worthy Institution that caters to   All-round Development of an Individual is like a mother of Education and   is a proper guide to the child aiming his/her expected heights. The relevance of St.Anne’s Public School, is realized and felt by its stakeholders at all situations of life. Because it never compromises its service of education even if the world sinks in radical disorder.

A drop of water may seem too little, but somewhere a thirsty plant awaits its fall. These words find significance in the existence of St. Anne’s Public school, koovappady. It serves equally   people of all category despite the differences in religion, Economic, Cultural and Educational status from where pupil emerge. For everyone who dreams at outstanding and excellent education at low cost, St. Anne’s Public School, Koovappady stands as their refuge and great support. I’m happy to know that the school has given birth to, many citizens serving and leading the country today. As long as the Moto ‘Love and Service’ imparted by the school, flows through the vein of our stakeholders, St. Anne’s would remain a Leading and Challenging Institution of 21st Century.

I am proud of the excellent galaxy of staff, well wishers and Benefactors whose ceaseless efforts post St.Anne’s public School, to the top schools of the State Kerala and of our Nation India. St. Anne’s, Koovappady, keeps its windows of discovery always open for its students and Teachers to discover themselves and the world around them. As you have a glance at the gallery, programs and the facilities of the school, you will realize that  St. Anne’s Public School is the One of your likeness and your Best Choice. With much pleasure I welcome you to enjoy being the member of this esteemed family. Wishing you all the Best.

Sr.Sheeja Fernandez

Principal, SAPS,Koovappady.